13 Thot-ful Things You Didn’t Know About Taylor Swift Model BFF – Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is a SUPER model now.  A scout discovered her in 6th grade, cat walking for a small fund raising fashion show.  Now that she’s befriended Taylor Swift, and Jourdan Dunn, Hollyweird has taken notice.  Kloss carries a notebook to record her brainstorming- this girl is on fire.  Of course she’s tall & gorgeous, but here’s a few things you probably didn’t know about Karlie.

#1  Karlie Kloss is the first face of  Chanel’s Coco Noir fragrance.

#2  Paparazzi stalks the stunning model, but they don’t recognize her without makeup.  Her PR suggested she befriend other celebrities to boost her brand.  Not only does Karli keep NYC paps on speed dial, she met most of them while hanging out with Taylor Swift.

#3  Karlie Kloss eats ice cream, or at least pretends to. Even though she’s she’s more skinny than Nicole Ritchie,  weirdos claim the fake blonde scarfs 2 scoops of coffee, and chocolate chunk on a normal basis.

#4  Kloss is the youngest Victoria’s Secret Angel, and threatened to quit if they hired Kendall Jenner.  Contract restrictions guarantee Karli the’ youngest’ slot until next year.

#5  Forever Karlie was designed with Frame Denim, and is specifically catered to tall women.

#6  She’s really not that tall.  Kloss is just 6′ 1″.  That didn’t stop Dolce & Gabbana from giving her a custom made Sicily bag.

#7  “A 5$ umbrella from the deli is a classic accessory- the most important accessory I can possibly walk out of the house with” declared Kloss.  It never rains in southern California tho…

#8  The model thottie partnered with Warby Parker to create her own line of sunglasses.

#9  She has 3 sisters.  1 looks like her, but the other does not.

#10  She’s an avid supporter of  New York’s Citi Bike program, although she’s chauffeured in limos on a daily basis.

#11  Karlie Kloss was born in Chicago, but raised in St. Louis.  That explains the wooty.

#12  Karlie’s Kookies started because she was too young to drink, smoke, and have sex, when she first began modeling.  While the others tricked with billionaires, and got high- Karlie made cookies with her red KitchenAid mixer.  Baking cookies was therapeutic.  She eats her own Perfect 10 Kookie for breakfast sometimes.

#13  “I love a flight where there is no WiFi, no distractions.  My ability to sleep on planes is my proudest skill” Kloss confessed.

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