18-year-old Sheneque Proctor died while in the custody of police

Sheneque was arrested on Novemeber 1 for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. In an ideal world, bail would be paid and Sheneque would return home to her 5 month old son Zamaruien Blevins. However, sadly, Sheneque was found dead in her cell the next morning. Tracy Rodda, Sheneque’s aunt, says that the young Ms. Proctor had asthma, and complained of harsh treatment from the police.

After receiving news that Sheneque had passed, her aunt, other relatives, and the president of the NAACP Alabama State Conference, Bernard Simelton, went to the jail to get Sheneque’s things and  more information. When arriving, the party was disgruntled to find that no one was available to speak with them and that the Mayor was unavailable as well. While Sheneque’s mother Scherita Proctor has decided not to speculate until the death certificate arrives, Sheneque’s death is all too familiar and is more than likely the result of police negligence and violence. – Continue