2 Words Kendall Jenner Said That Ruined Everything With Harry Styles

The smoking hot romance between Harry Styles, and Kendall Jenner was really starting to get serious.  Then Jenner, like a Kardashian sucking a lollipop on a home movie, had to go and ruin everything.  It’s already bad enough he had to sign a reality show contract, but that’s not what murdered her chances with the One Direction hot boy.

Kylie Jenner removed her weave for the New Year, and pretended she got a haircut.  Kendall kept her extensions, but muttered two words that pissed Harry off for good: ‘Taylor.  Swift.”  Insiders told Mike Walker,

“Harry’s got no time or patience for jealous Hollywood teenagers, no matter what family they’re from.  Sure he thinks Kendall’s a cute girl, but was stunned by  reports saying he’d jetted off to London just to see her.  Fact is, he’d already planned to be there for an ‘X-Factor’ party, so he briefly got together with Kendall.  But he did NOT take her to the party, and Kendall split town that night.”


Sounds like a ‘wham bam thank you mam’ to us.  Harry grew sick of Kendall always whining about Taylor.  She is so insecure.  She asked him why he followed Taylor Swift on Instagram.  Harry didn’t cuss her out to her face, he’s a gentlemen.  Styles felt like the question was none of Kendall’s freaking business, and he doesn’t need the stress.