4 Top Suspects In The MURDER of Bobbi Kristina Brown

Whitney Houston was murdered in the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  Her dead body lay floating in a bathtub filled with still warm water. Clive Davis carried right on with the Pre- Grammy Gala that night.  Houston’s death was celebrated among Hollyweird’s finest.  Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and Amber Rose were all there posing on the red carpet, while the police investigated the homicide on the 4th floor suite.  It was a bone chilling coincidence.  Only fame is demonic enough to encourage celebrities to party, in the midst of the death of our Greatest Love of All– Whitney Houston.

It was Bobby Brown’s worst nightmare.  We didn’t have time to be baffled.  We’d just realized poor Whitney didn’t even have a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.  Her death left fans dumbfounded, and praying for her only child-Bobbi Kristina.  Sure enough, a few years later, Bobbi Kristina is dead too.  Even people who don’t believe in Illuminati suspect foul play.  Krissy was found in a twin death scene.  She died with a drug roasted liver, in a bathtub of water.

We don’t won’t these salacious crimes to go unsolved like the murder of Tupac, and Natalie Wood.  We grudgingly put together a list of the four main suspects in the murder of Bobbi Kristina Brown.