Activist Teacher Calculates $59.624 Trillion in Reparations OWED to African Americans $1.5 Million Each

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Every man, women and child who descended from those ensalved in the USA would and should be entitled to reparations for the forced labor, torture and disrespect caused to their ancestors.

But if I were to tell you it would cost at very very very minimum nearly $60 trillion to fulfill such a thing then you can begin to see how from a political and economical perspective things get a little difficult.

So where does the $59.624 Trillion number come from?

Activist teacher crunched the numbers using some very basic calculations. Here is what he had to say:

“If we leave out the reparations for physical violence, genocidal stress, inadmissibility to superior social classes, etc., and only take into account the stolen labor, at the today’s equivalent minimum wage, then the calculation for the minimum amount due to the descendants of slaves is a simple one, as follows.”