Damn – Adrien Broner Just Told Jigga To Suck His D ! Video

Roc Nation Sports has been a successful endeavor for Jay Z, but the company has taken its fair share of Ls—like losing Antonio Brown, the NFL’s leading receiver. It’s already taken one in its few months of venturing into boxing.

Unfortunately, the notorious Adrien Broner is at the center of this one. He told TMZ that he flatly declined an offer by Roc Nation. Plus, he felt disrespected: Broner thought the $40 million/five-year contract he claims he was offered was beneath him and feltJay Z should’ve contacted him instead of the people who work for him (it’s a “bosses speak to bosses” sort of thing).

So instead of cordiality, Broner decided to send the disrespect right back, saying Jay Z could, “suck my dick.” Then the interviewer jokingly asked about the idea of being one degree closer to Rihanna, who’s managed by Roc Nation.

“Man, fuck Rihanna. No disrespect,” Broner said. “At the end of the day, she gon’ give me some pussy and that’s it.” No disrespect, though…- Complex on fleek