Ain’t That Boutta Bish? Texas Law Prevents Parents Who Are Behind On Child Support From Renewing Their Car Tag

Another horrible parent - Look at this baby smoking!Another government conspiracy to erase young black men, you see?  Prison is legal slavery. Unpaid car registration may get you a traffic ticket.  An unpaid traffic ticket, can easily lead to jail time.  Jake and Conner take care of their kids.  This new entrapment law won’t hurt them.  That’s what yall get! Black Lives Matter? You swept the Rio Olympics.  You dominate the music industry.  You’re owning these businesses. Fannie Mae is helping you buy real estate.  EEOC please?  Love and Hip Hop.  The fact that an absent parent can be documented as ‘behind on payments’ proves that the parent has admitted paternity.  They didn’t have enough information to hold our daddy accountable for jack.  Your light bill, school loans, rent, and car notes- have payment plans for delinquencies.

#Texas Law Prevents Parents Who Are Behind On #ChildSupport From Renewing Their Car Tag -blogged by @Lexxthatsall The state of Texas has just passed a new law and if you’re a dead beat parent, this one’s for you. Beginning on September 1, any parent who is behind on child support will not be able to renew their #vehicleregistration. According to officials, the law is a direct plan to push said parents to take care of their children. “I want to urge the public to be aware this law is taking effect, to be prepared and to get in touch with the Attorney General’s office to take care of their obligations,” said Harris County #Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan. While the law does not pertain to registration for new vehicles, it will completely prevent all other vehicle registrations for those behind on payments. A repress from the attorney general’s office has stated that any parent who is behind on child support will receive a letter 90 days prior to the renewal deadline. According to the rep, the letter will a advise the parent to make a payment arrangement along with a satisfactory payment in order to renew their #registration.

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