Alan Griffin Suing Maury For Putting His Daughter On Blast

You may think Maury’s show deciding if you are NOT the father is a bunch of hired weirdos, but No.  People in the United States are really that ratched.  Matter fact, have you considered inviting your absent ‘Dad’ on the show?

DailyMail with the tea:

A convicted felon is suing television host Maury Povich after claiming that watching his seven-year-old daughter ‘being exploited’ on his tabloid talk show caused him to develop suicidal thoughts.

Alan Griffin, an inmate at Columbia Correctional Institution in Lake City, Florida, was watching ‘Maury’ (or ‘The Maury Povich Show’) on a prison television when his only child, Lanique, came on-screen.

During her appearance, Lanique – who was broadcast in the December 2010 episode alongside Griffin’s ex-wife, Sherilitra Nash – spoke about her father and his status as an attempted murderer.

The youngster’s ‘exploitation’ reportedly caused Griffin such ‘great emotional shock, grief and shame’ that he developed suicidal thoughts and was placed in a 72-hour mental health hold.