Alessandra Ambrosio Hates Kendall Jenner For This

Kendall Jenner is not just snagging all of Kim Kardashian’s limelight.  Alessandra Ambrosio is also steaming with jealousy.  Alessandra sees Kendall as her direct competition, as she should.  Kenny is equally beautiful, and also brunette.  The only thing Kendall really has on Ambrosio is EVERYTHING.

Kendall Jenner has two moms, and 4 whorishly popular sisters.  Kendall’s last name catapulted her to the top of modeling industry’s elite.  Alessandra Ambrosio could never compete with Jenners’ popularity.  Plus, she’s way younger.  We hate Kendall too!

“Allessandra was incredibly rude when Kendall introduced herself,” somebody at Victoria Secret show told Star Magazine.  “She half shook Kendall’s hand, and then walked away.  Kendall’s actually a massive fan, and was really hurt.”

It gets worse.

“Most of the girls come from nothing and think Kendall used her Kardashian connections to make it.  No one has been as direct as Alessandra, but none of them have anything nice to say about Kendall.”