Amber Rose Divorces Wiz Khalifa – Official Video


Kim Kardashian is shaking in her spanx.  Amber Rose is the only bitch as bad, and as bootiful as Kimmy.  Their birthdays are on the same day.  Amber Rose has a vendetta with Kim for stealing Yeezy.  Remember Amber smashed Reggie Bush to retaliate?    With the proper funding, Amber feels she can overthrow Kim & her pipe slobbing family.  We saw this one coming.  Amber Rose ain’t sh*t, but a hoe on the rise.  Nick Cannon is a showbiz executive, and the obvious trick that encouraged her divorce.  Nick already smashed Kim too.  Poor Sebastian.  It’s a wrap.  Amber Rose has filed for divorce.  Wiz Khalifa was gone too much, a worker- not a boss.  People don’t realize Kanye West detailed his separation from the bald headed thot on Blame Game (MBDTF).  Listen Below.