Wiz Khalifa Sad – Amber Rose Granted FULL Custody Of Sebastian

After seeing photos of the family’s driver, fans suspect that Baby Sebastian is not Wiz Khalifa’s son.  We were horrified at news of Amber Rose divorce.  Long distance, and hip hop thots, add tons of pressure to any young family.  Nick Cannon is Amber’s ‘manager’ now.  Although divorce papers from Mariah Carey haven’t been finalized, the streets claim he’s in the running to become Bash new daddy.

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We were invited to watch the Cowboys battle the Seahawks in Hollyweird’s Holmby Hills Estates.  Many mitches muttered messy secrets about Wiz, and Amber’s showmance gone wrong.   We hoped they’d reconcile, but no way.  The ugly hairstyles, crummy music sales, and cheating allegations, can be swept under a rug.  Fans wondered why Amber hit below the belt, and asked for full sole custody of Sebastian.  Isn’t Wiz a good dad?  Wiz is demanding JOINT custody, but here’s why it ain’t happening.

Amber Rose accepted Wiz ‘stoner’ persona in the beginning.  He pretends to be Snoop’s son, and they even released a straight to DVD movie based on Cali Kush.  Amber Rose was able to discontinue smoking cigarettes, and doing cocaine.  Wiz urged Amber to smoke medical marijuana instead, because it’s healthier.  Kush heaven got serious when Baby Bash came.  The bedroom stayed littered with doobies, roaches, and ashes.  It was a nightmare!  They tried keeping Bash away from the smoking paraphernalia to no avail.  Amber suggested Khalifa smoke outside, but that led to him spending more time away from home.  Wiz was desperate to be his smoky self.  Amber Rose jumped out the shower to find Sebastian smoking a swisher, and sipping cognac.

She was too embarrassed to call the authorities.  Bash was more wasted than Lindsay Lohan.  Wiz wasn’t paying attention.  He was online smoking a sweet.  Bash dizziness, and rapid vomiting had Amber shook.  Hospitalization  would cause bad press.   Her and Wiz could be arrested, and forever entangled with CPS.  Amber kept it on the low, until Wiz got busted having a 3some on tour.  Amber knows Wiz smokes too much, and she fears for Sebastain in his care.  Amber Rose will get SOLE custody, or pull her stoner card out to make Wiz look like an illegitimate daddy.