Anderson Cooper Moma A Thot Like Kim Kardashian – Meet Gloria Vanderbilt

Anderson Cooper really annoyed the sales clerk at  a high end furniture boutique in Manhattan.  He was shopping for a bedroom set with, with booty buddy, Benjamin Maisani.  Cooper refused to make a purchase without contacting his heiress fashion designer mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, for her advice.  The problem is- Gloria is not tech savvy.  90 years young, Gloria had to wait on her assistant to download everything.  It ultimately led to Anderson sneering up with confusion.  Only the best for Holly WEIRD’s babies.

Anderson Cooper is beautiful, but we should have known he had showbiz connections.  You need more than talent and a pretty face to have your own show on CNN.  Cooper’s mom Gloria, invested her inheritance and name.  She set the stage by obtaining her education at Art Students League of New York. Showcasing oil paintings, watercolors, and pastels (not her poochie ass and titts) is how she burst onto the fashion scene. Gloria Vanderbilt is so weird, she sold the rights to her own name (Murjani Group).  That’s why her son’s suicide is so suspicious. Carter Cooper died at the age of 23 by jumping from the family’s 14th-floor apartment.  That didn’t stop the snobby socialite’s showmance affairs.  Anderson Cooper’s mom is a love machine like Kim Kardashian.  Addicted to fame, and money- Gloria Vanderbilt married 4 times.  She had 40 side pieces that included Gordon Parks, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Howard Hughes, and Roald Dahl.

North West

Vanderbilt’s rich daddy died when she was just 1 year.  Her mom, Gloria Morgan, squandered baby Gloria’s cash on her identical twin sister, nannies, and frequent shopping trips to Paris.  Then messy Aunt Gertrude Vanderbilt stepped in.  Testimony persuaded courts, and painted the mother as an unfit parent.  Aunt Gertrude raised Gloria in even more luxury at her mansion in Old Westbury, Long Island. Once Gloria Vanderbilt was old enough to have access to her own millions, she cut her mother off completely.  Despite Anderson Cooper’s privileged life, he evokes humility, and respect.  He’s not sitting in a circle with crystals and candals, like the Smith kids.  Maybe there is hope for North West.