Why is Angela Simmons Back In The Gym 2 Weeks After Giving Birth?

Doting mum: The star of Rev Run's House announced she had given birth to a baby boy last month 

These Hollyweird babies are just as savage as their parents.  Angela Simmons gave birth just yesterday, but is already back flaunting her ASSets on social media.  We miss the good old days…the days where parents took a moment to bond with their kids.  Poor baby Simmons.  His mom is more concerned about her post baby body, and the number of LIKES she gets on Facebook and Instagram.  This kid will likely be raised by nannies.  Angela will spend her lifetime chasing individuality.  She longs to be successful on her on accord, and not just associated with fame thru her Hip Hop uncle- Russell Simmons.

Will slay worthy Instagram pictures  make Angela more famous than Uncle Russ?  Why are Californians obsessed with gym training, and wacky diets?  Shouldn’t Angela just take her huge inheritance, and lay low, like her sister Vanessa?  Afterall, being more skinny won’t make Angela more popular.  Is 2 weeks after birthing your first child a little soon to be concerned about your physique?  Is being fat in Hollywood a sin?  Why is Angela Simmons showing her body, but hiding her baby daddy’s identity?

'Approved by the doc': Angela Simmons was back in the gym on Wednesday just 13 days after giving birth to her first child