Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Lose Custody of Zahara

We all want Angelina Jolie’s bisexual husband, and A-List status.  We don’t want Angie’s failing health, and miserable home life.  Being a Goodwill Ambassador, and all the charity work, couldn’t stop Zahara Jolie-Pitt from realizing her blackness.  The 10 year old golden child rarely sees people who resemble her.  While Shiloh Pitt questions her gender, Zahara is asking her mom tons of questions about her race, family, and ethnicity.

Maybe it wasn’t a great idea to buy Zahara from her family like a designer purse.  Angelina Jolie knew the day would come eventually.  The family’s disconnection hit Angie like a ton of bricks.  Not only is Zee demanding a role in a Hollyweird motion picture like Vivienne did in Maleficent, but she has a desire to return to Ethiopia to meet her REAL birth mother!

“Zahara has been asking a lot of questions about her background.  She wants to know the truth,” according to National Enquirer.  “Zee says, I want my real mother, I want to be with her!”

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is aging like Morgan Freeman.  Brad hates Angie for dragging the kids to refugee camps, and putting their lives in danger.  All Jolie’s humanitarian work has back fired in a Hollyweird explosion!  Zahara’s birth mother, Mentewab Dawit, was raped.  She left Zee with her family, but never gave them permission to sell her.  Just because Jolie nourished her from rickets at six months old, doesn’t make her Zee’s real mother.  More so, it doesn’t erase her nappy hair, darker skin, and weird stares from outsiders.  Angie conspired with Wide Horizons For Children, and insisted Zee’s mother was dead!

Zahara’s paternal grandmother, Almaz Bifnhe, admitted she couldn’t read or write.

“I don’t know what they wrote but what I said was that my daughter ran away, not that she was DEAD!”