Brad Fried – Angelina Jolie Confesses To Sleeping With Her Ex

Anton Schneider was one of the first fleas to smash Angelina Jolie.  They were 14 when they met at the Beverly Center.  The teenage love affair blossomed under LSD, weed, and cocaine.  Anton was first at turning Jolie on with whips, and knives.  They’d cut each other, and sip from one another’s wounds, while living at Angelina mom’s apartment.  Coincidentally, Angelina Jolie suspiciously bumped into now married, Anton.  

“While it was an innocent meeting, Brad was fit to be tied when he found out,” a source snitched to National Enquirer. “He exploded, asking her repeatedly, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?!’

“Angie said meekly that Anton was ‘just part of (her) past,’ and she didn’t think it was important. Well, it was to Brad!”

Los Angeles has almost as many coffee shops, as Kush dispensaries.  Hollyweird is repulsed by the Jolie Brad Pitt marriage.  They showmance wasn’t supposed to last this long.  Weirdos set them up!

“Anton bumped into Angie at a Starbucks on the Warner Bros. lot,” insiders report.   “When Angie saw Anton, they hugged and she sat down with him. They chatted for 20 minutes, catching up and talking about each other’s family and kids,”.

“It was nice for them to hear about each other’s lives and get some things off their chests about their pasts.”

Is there a such thing as a loyal whore?  Will Anton trade his Hollyweird costuming gig to become Jolie’s, Casper Smart?  Would you trust YOUR man around Angelina?