Anna Nicole Smith Duped Out Of Millions Again

Before we started calling whores Thots, there was Anna Nicole Smith.  Howard K. Stern, and his mindless team of legal experts, lost the final bid for Anna to get paid.  He simply didn’t have funds to fight with.  All that Hollyweird shuffling for nothing?  The indecency of sucking J. Howard Marshall’s stick for cash, wasn’t worth a measly cent.  An Orange County judge squashed the collection attempt for good. J. was 89, she was 26.  They eventually married, but the judge was swindled into believing the marriage was a sham.  The judge claimed Howard wasn’t in his right mind.  Finally, after 20 years and the early deaths of Anna and her son- the case is over.  Now Anna, her voluptuous curves, and mega watt smile can rest in peace.  The case will never be reopened.  It’s a rap.  Dannielynn Smith has to WORK like everyone else.