Anonymous Threatens To Expose Donald Trump Like They Did Kanye West

Anonymous is one hacker group you don’t want to mess with.  They made good on their threats to ruin Kanye West, and now they’re threatening to expose President Donald Trump.  They said he’ll regret the next four years, and accused him of having ties to ‘Russian Mobsters.’  Do you believe them?  Anonymous waged war against the Cheeto in chief.  While Trump rants against news outlets, magazine publications, and black activist on Twitter- he’s been reluctant to respond to Anonymous.

A series of messages (above) posted on Twitter also include allegations that Anonymous group will release tawdry information about the president-elect


The group encouraged anyone with dirt on Donald to share the information.  Could Donald Trump be associated with Russian money launderers, and child traffickers?  Why did more people attend the #WomensMarch, and not Trump’s inauguration?  Anonymous says we committed suicide voting Donald Trump as our new president.

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The Anonymous group also tweeted: ‘We could care less about Democrats attacking you @realDonaldTrump, the fact of the matter is, you are implicated in some really heavy shit.’

What could be worse than the stealing the election, and smashing prostitutes?