Anthony Ray Hinton Did 30 Years on Death Row For A Crime He Did Not Commit

This is a dirty system we live in.  Now that we’ve drained him of his pride, youth, health, sexuality, and faith…

NBC Reports- One of the longest serving Alabama death row inmates will walk free on Friday after a judge dismissed the capital murder charges against him, finding there was not enough evidence to link him to the crimes.

Anthony Ray Hinton, who was on death row for nearly 30 years, had been charged and convicted in the 1985 murders of two Birmingham area fast-food managers.

Managers John Davidson and Thomas Wayne Vason were fatally shot in two separate fast-food robberies in 1985. While there were no witnesses to the murder or fingerprints found at the scene, Hinton was arrested after another employee identified him in a photo lineup, according to his lawyers. Continue