Anti Champion – Rihanna Voodoo Drains Lebron James

Rihanna is up to her same savage whorish ways that landed her on Hollyweird’s A-List. The Needed Me singer is romantically linked to Drake, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Lebron James. Flying high off Home’s movie premier, and the commercially successful Anti album- Rihanna is making sure her cootie cat has plenty of Work.

Do you believe in witchcraft?  Our extremely reliable inside sources tell us, Rih-Rih relies heavily on the ancient voodoo magic associated with her Barbadian culture.  The Grammy award winning, Billboard snatching, beauty, is using her powers to break hearts and destroy families.  Her hellish ways finesse the body and souls of the weak.

TheDailyQuarterly Reports:
“Her talent is not commensurate with her level of success,” said a source familiar with The Illuminati, who wished to remain anonymous, asking us to refer to him as “CB.” “There is no way logically or karmically (sic) that she should be as successful as she is. I mean, sure she’s attractive, but…it’s clear there’s more going on behind the scenes here.”

CB said he didn’t want to speculate on her involvement with Voodoo. He said he’s only heard of other people saying her videos, including “Run This Town,” had Voodoo images in it. Plus his mother was concerned about Rihanna’s possible involvement in it.-

We were disgusted when Rihanna spent 2015 NBA Championship Finals partying aboard Lebron James private plane.  He was recently married to his high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson, before losing horribly to Steph Curry (Golden State Warriors).  James snagged a lifetime deal with Nike for his supreme basketball skills, but too bad, they didn’t announce it AFTER finals.  Rihanna brought her bad luck and evil energy back to the Cleveland basketball game, by releasing the ratchet picture below.  In the photo, Rih tagged the very married Lebron, and wrote 23 in white cream across her stomache.

What do you think?  Lebron is winning with lucrative contracts and Instagram models, but will his bad boy lifestyle prevent Cleveland from winning a championship?  Can Lebron control the monster in his pants, or does Rihanna have him under her spell?