Antonio Banderas Melanie Griffith – Coachella Curse

Hollywood may look great, but Sunset sins have destroyed the 18 year marriage of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith.  The marriage has been rocky, and nobody is surprised they’ve finally divorced.  Industry housewives can’t help but wonder… why?  Botox parties are smothered with nasty rumors, but we have the real Tori Spelling skinny!

When Melanie hit the Coachella Festival without Antonio the dookey hit the fan.  She’s been struggling with a dope addiction the majority of her life.  Griffith is the original Lindsay Lohan.  Banderas has grown restless with her funky, vodka apologies.  The dope fiend  habits, and thirst to be young became a nightmare.  Antonio may be a young flirt, but he really loves Stella, and Melanie.

“Antonio is deeply religious, and felt that he needed to get away, and pray for his marriage, and family.  His local parish, Malaga, had chosen him to guide the statue of the Blessed Virgin through the city’s streets on Palm Sunday,” a source told National Enquirer.

Griffith, being the old, tired, thot she is- said fork the Palm Sunday event.  She was turnt at Coachella in Indio.  Everyone saw her looking raggedy in a tube top.  People just gawked while she shook her antique booty, and chain smoked.  Antonio wasn’t able to do it.  Would you?