Aretha Franklin vs Kelly Clarkson – Who Is The Fattest

Both have big voices, and egos.  Kelly Clarkson’s new baby is adorable, but Aretha Franklin is getting married.  Since there isn’t a celebrity fat farm big enough for both, Hollyweird has a liposuction starter pack with their names on it.  Everyone threatens to cut the carbs, and get in the gym in January.  By February, we’re back eating fast food by the boat loads, complaining how cold temperatures make it impossible to exercise.  Both BBW queens are perfect in their plumpness, but showbiz despises fat people.

Kelly Clarkson gets a kick out of singing Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off in concert.  Fans slammed Clarkson for being a fat ass, although she gave birth less than a year ago.  Remember how the industry did Ke$ha?  At 5’4, regardless of how gorgeous her promotional pictures are, Kelly weighs 200 pounds.  The American Country Countdown Awards left Clarkson crying hysterically backstage.  Social media slammed the new mom, and some questioned whether  she was expecting again.  Although Kelly holds her head high, Miss Independent is sick of being held to unrealistic Hollywood standards.  The comments hurt the Texas ham hock.

Meanwhile, the Queen of Soul, is on a mission to lower her blood pressure, and enhance her sexual energy.  Willie Wilkerson is a lucky man.  Aretha Franklin is slimming down in preparation for her 3rd marriage.  Aretha is more lean than Snoop Dogg.  She’s already lost 25 lbs, but intends to continue shedding the pounds for love’s sake.  Franklin is sick of being interviewed about, and compared to, Beyonce.  Her diet, and exercise is a sure way to regain her Respect.  The battle of the bulge was causing to many health problems.

With Aretha gearing up for her wedding, and Kelly Clarkson refusing to acknowledge her unacceptable entertainment body- we must ask.  Who is fatter?  Kelly, or Aretha?