This Arizona US Veteran Needs Your Help #SeansStory

Broke crying catThis is Sean. He is 31 years old, he is a husband and father of 3 boys. Sean served in the Air Force for 10 years and went on 5 deployments before his health made it impossible for him to continue. He was injured in his last deployment and things have only gotten harder since then. He started having focal seizures in 2011 after his injury. Then in April 2015 they diagnosed him with a seizure disorder and gave him Keppra and the seizures turned into full body seizures. He had seizures daily from April 2015-January 2016. Then suddenly he didn’t have anymore. Fast forward to July 2016 and the seizures are back in force. He’s having up to 8 a day, his foot is numb, his legs are tingling and have lead to him being in a wheelchair. His memory is getting worse, he has unexplained twitches and pains. The kicker to all of this is that doctors REFUSE to help. He has seen countless doctors, 6 neuro teams, they have requested the doctors do tests for Multiple Sclerosis and ALS, but the doctors wont. They were even told that their opinion doesn’t matter and the doctor doesn’t care what they have to say. They have changed medications, doses, diets, exercises, you name it. The doctors have brought up the possibility of many things but there has been no doctor willing to help. They wanted to take him into the Mayo Clinic but their insurance is not accepted there. The VA is absolutely no help. He’s been told its all in his head or that he’s faking it because he wants to be in a chair. Anyone who knows Sean at all knows he doesn’t want to be in a wheel chair. This is NOT to ask for a handout but to ask that you spread this far and wide, so that maybe the right person may see it and a doctor may be able to help. That maybe someone in a similar situation has ideas or answers. The doctors in their area in Arizona have refused time and time again to help so now its time to reach further out and get some answers. This is wrong and it needs to end. Sean is a Veteran. He served his country and this is what he gets now. To be kicked to the curb by doctor after doctor and told to deal with it. His kids don’t understand what is happening. They are scared. Seizures have become a daily part of their lives. Alex has no idea what is next for her family. What is down the road. They need a doctor who is willing to listen and help them through this. PLEASE read this and share it far and wide! It’s the easiest thing in the world to do and it may make a life time of difference for 1 family if the right person sees -Seans Story