Eric Francis Threatens To Expose State Rep Justin Harris For Child Rape and Molestation

Arkansas political official, Justin Harris, adopted two little girls (3, 6).  His wife Marsha grew jealous of their youth, and enormous amount of attention her freaky husband dedicated to them. They ditched them.  The confused babies were passed along to  Eric Francis. Sicko Eric, worked in a Christian school run by his bestie, Harris.  Justin continued collecting the government’s adoption money.  The school is ironically called Growing God’s Kingdom Preschool.  Eric raped the girls to help them sleep.  No one is certain what disguising bond, and secret fetishes State Representative Harris, and Eric Francis had.  Pedophiles tend to bond with their kind, and these bastards work with toddlers.

Sandusky was an assistant coach under Hall of Fame Penn State Football coach Joe Paterno (pictured

Justin is busy worshiping the Lord, pursuing his political agenda, and smiling over the innocent kids at Growing God’s Kingdom.  Francis was arrested for sexual assault on the innocent girl.  He’s livid while serving a 40-year sentence.  Some think he may snitch Justin out.  Would a tell- all book expose  Arkansas’ creepy tales of child solicitation behind the classroom walls?  Was Marsha aware of her husband’s fetish?  Jerry Sandusky’s wife played crazy innocent too.  Will Justin Harris’ political friends teeter an investigation into the preschoolers at God’s Kingdom?