#ArrestGovSnyder Water Poisoning Intentional Genocide

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Political activist, Michael Moore, is accusing Michigan’s government of genocide.  He’s currently in Flint, Michigan’s City Hall demanding answers for the intentional poisoning of the mass urban community.  Flint is 60% black.  Over 100, 000 people cooked with, bathed in, and drank, contaminated water for nearly two years.  The water is so dirty, President Obama has declared it a natural disaster.  Locals are leaning on National Guards to distribute bottled water, testing kits, and water filters.

10 people have mysteriously died from Legionnaires Disease, Flint’s water is to blame.  Should Governor Rick Snyder be arrested?  He admitted ignoring the warnings, and complaints from Flint’s nappy- headed residents.
NYTimes Reports-

In the last three weeks, a panel appointed by Mr. Snyder reported that state officials had for months wrongly brushed aside complaints about the contamination. The governor apologized for the state’s performance, Michigan’s top environmental regulator resigned, and federal agencies announced that they were investigating.

Researchers at Virginia Tech who looked into the lead poisoning were even more damning, reporting last month that Michigan officials not only ignored complaints about the smell, taste and color of the water, but also lied about lead levels and tried to conceal evidence.