1 Year Old Autumn Johnson Killed in Hell-A Gang Shooting – Video

jesse-jackson-cryingThe little girl, who had just turned 1, was in her crib when she was struck in the head by a bullet around 7 p.m., sheriff’s investigators said.

A witness told the Los Angeles Times she heard several gunshots, followed by a woman screaming, “They shot my baby. They shot my baby.”

The witness called 911 before walking outside. At that point, the woman told the newspaper, she saw the infant’s father, in tears, coming from the garage with the little girl in his arms.
“Someone take my baby to the hospital,” the witness heard the sobbing man say, according to the Times.

Deputies responded to the garage, located in the 300 block of North Holly Avenue, and found the infant. Since paramedics had not arrived yet, they decided to rush the child themselves to a local hospital, according to a news release from the Sheriff’s Department.

Autumn Johnson is seen in a family photo.
The deputies arrived at the hospital minutes later. Doctors treated the little girl, but she succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead a short time later, the release stated.

The victim was later identified as Autumn Johnson. – KTLA