Banker Busted Stealing From Old People

Chih Wie Cheng, 23, stayed rocking the freshest designer clothes.  His car was on fleek.  He had tons of friends, and socialized with rich Huntington Beach weirdos.  Now he’ll be somebody’s bitch in jail.  Chih was caught swindling senior citizens out of over $200,000.  Wells Fargo fired him for embezzlement, but not before he convinced an unsuspecting elderly guy to give him some money.  Chih Wie Cheng choked in greed.  After several months, he began forging checks from the grandfather’s account.  His parents  nearly had a heart attack when cops appeared at their Tustin, CA home to arrest him.  Why was he so quick to ruin his life? Orange County is far from the struggle.  A 2 bedroom condo in Tustin cost a whopping:

190 Gallery Way,Tustin, CA 92782

2 beds2 baths1,000 sqft