Davis Twins Rob & Kidnap Old Lady – Given Probation

Sarah Cheiker, 87,  was found dangling in squalor, in a lonely log cabin in Maine.  It was nothing like the breezy glamour she was accustomed to in LA’s Fairfax district.  Sarah was on the edge of Maine without family, or food.  It was 100 degrees, and the shack’s only light had burned out.  Insiders claim Sarah’s living station looked like an Ebola Quarantine.


Holly’s weirdos hadn’t seen Sarah Cheiker since 2008.  Bulldozers came without warning, and demolished the home once shared with her mom.  “I was shocked. We figured she was dead,” said Jim Caccavo, who was the old lady’s neighbor for 35 years. He eventually filed a missing person’s report.

Authorities immediately began investigating how a wine sipping ex Crip, ended up alone in remote Maine.  “It was a place I wouldn’t have let my dog live in,” said Lincoln County Sheriff’s Det. Robert McFetridge.  The paper trail led directly to twins, Barbara and Nicholas Davis.  Jonathan Stevens, their ‘god-son’, helped dupe the senior too.


When Sarah’s home suffered mild fire damage, the Davis twins invited her to live with them.  They gained her trust through, errands, cooking, and quality time.  The grandmother was too old to realize they’d sold her home for over $700,000.  They road tripped across country with the cash, and lived like rock stars.  They were hoping Miss Sarah Cheiker expired in Maine.  

“They purchased numerous properties across the country with her money,” the prosecutor said. “I’ve seen things that were egregious, but I’d never seen a person taken across the country, stripped of their assets and left to die.  “Although Mike Vick did jail time for dog fighting, LATimes says “The trio later pleaded no contest to the charges and were placed on probation, according to court records. “