Listen: This Boy That Girl #TurnTheNightDown

Attention Beliebers, and Directioners.  Alec and Becca King go harder than 5th Harmony, and they’re more humble than Ariana Grande.  The Pop/ HipHop duo is taking over Hollyweird, and iTunes with Breaking Bad.  The industry hasn’t seen a more talented sibling tag team since Donny & Marie.  This Boy That Girl combine their individual musical genius to create fire.

When they aren’t slaying Aaron Carter’s Wonderful World Tour, they’re standing against bullies with Music is My Language. Is the twin connection a key to their success?  Alec King has his own swag, and his own twin.  Becca, the boss Pop princess, has her own twin too!  What really makes This Boy That Girl hotter than Jacob Whitesides could have something to do with their shared September 30 birthdays.  Listen to Turn the Night Down below.  It’s SO on fleek we can’t wait for the video.