Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Remake I Love Lucy

Hard Rock Casino hates Ben Affleck for knowing how to win.  He was banned for life from the hotel.  Did fans’ hate trick his Batman opportunity also?  Why is Affleck wasting time with FOX  production, The Middle Man, and not drooling over Rihanna?

In a vow to become a better dad, Ben decided to stop smoking more than Snoop Dogg.  Nobody is suffering like his wife, Jennifer Garner.  Pilates pill-heads claim Affleck is anxious, nervous, and finicky all the time.  Jen ‘jokingly’ calls them the new Lucy and Desi!  Jen is proud and patient.  Ben has turned their home life into a hell hole.  He’s always causing accidents with efforts to ditch his smoking habit.

National Enquirer claims, “Jennifer thinks it’s cute and says she feel like she’s Ricky Ricardo to Ben’s Lucy.  He comes up with all sorts of household projects and cockamamie schemes to stay busy, and it’s one misadventure after another.  Ben decided he needed to keep his hands busy, so he built a bookshelf for the girls’ room” according to the source.  “It wound up  comically lopsided, with books tumbling off of it.  They ended up hiring a carpenter to rebuild it from scratch. ”

Ben has started gardening, and building stuff like crazy.  He supposedly cleaned a car that had already been detailed, then locked his keys inside.  What do you think?  If anyone could pull off remaking I love Lucy, wouldn’t it be Ben and Jen?