Ben Affleck Matt Damon Wife Swapping Scandal

Yankees pitchers Mike Kekich, and Fritz Peterson traded wives back in the 70s.  Switch hitting is still popular among Tinseltown’s elite.  Mike caught his friend’s wife Marilyn.  So Fritz worked his jelly on Mike’s wife Susanne.  We heard Red Sox fan boys, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, are taking the scandal to the big screen.  Hollyweird is wondering will the best buds  swap their own wives in real life.  Jennifer Garner is a gorgeous sweetheart, but certainly a freak in the sheets.  We’d fork Luciana Barroso any day.  Do best friends share EVERYTHING?

While Peterson and Suzanne married and remain happily wedded to this day, Kekich and Peterson’s wife Marilyn have since split up.

Kekich told the Post he wanted “to kill” Peterson.

Kekich, who now lives in New Mexico, did not agree to cooperate on the film’s development, and has persuaded several former teammates to do the same, according to the report.

Damon and Affleck were originally slated to star in the room but will now just produce the film.Sports Illustrated