Cambridge Princess Is Great But Go Fund The Stephenson Family

Hi! πŸ™‚ We are the Stephenson family and we’re very a very small family desperately in need of a place to live. My dad hates kids and will no longer allow us to stay in his 2nd home — he decided this overnight after I asked if I could set up a desk to homeschool my son since I am unable to get him to and from school at the moment. I have fibromyalgia, we live in the San Bernadino National forest & my husband commutes 1.5 hrs to work and 1.5 hrs back trying to do his best to take care of us. If you’ve never heard of fibroymyalgia, well, let me tell you — it sucks! I am in so much pain some days that I have been hospitalized. On good days I’m just tired and have to pace myself. I’m on medication that costs $80 a month with insurance and cannot skip a dose or the side effects are pretty nasty! Despite this I am working really hard on freelancing from home. I’m studying to get certified in Project Managment from PMI & I have changed my major to Business Administration. Before I moved in with my dad, my husband and I lived in a garage with our newborn son after my husband gave up everything when his mom found out she had stage 3 cancer! We were hoping that by renting a room from my dad our son would be in better living conditions, I would get my degree, a better job and we could save up to buy a house. Like I mentioned before, my dad never wanted kids & as soon as I turned 18 I was kicked out — came home to the locks on the apartment door changed, no notice or anything. I have been trying to figure out everything since! My son is now caught up in all of this and as you can imagine, very scared and confused about why Grandpa suddenly doesn’t want him around anymore. He literally told us to get out overnight! We’ve found two different apartment complexes in Fontana, CA that we’ll be spending 50%+ of our income on but because it’s so short notice we’re having trouble with the deposit. Because our credit is less then perfect they are asking $2,000 down!! I’m asking for more so we can rent a truck, get my son a bed & lamp, and clothes for the warmer weather — shorts, sandals, tee shirts, hats, etc. because we’re used to snow and have mostly warm clothes. ANYTHING you donate will help us! Please, if you donate, leave me your name so I can pay you back when I land a contract and start working again!!

Bethany, Logan & Mike Stephenson (Click HERE to help)