Beyonce Disrespects Government Shutdown With Diva Behavior

As the Kardashian family continues to hustle at regaining their number one spotlight, Beyonce is dodging pregnancy rumors again.  Every since Solonge Knowles grew an afro, her parents divorced, Rihanna’s #Navy took over, and Blue Ivy Carter became familiar with paparazzi, Mrs. Carter has been on ‘I don’t give a f%$k’ mode.

Although she’s married, the Houston diva refuses to be out shined.  Bow Down.  She’s given us plenty of leotard camel toe post Blue Ivy.  To emphasize her reign, InTouch weekly mysteriously popped up with a list of her video shoot  demands.  Jennifer Lopez forgot she was a hood girl from the block with her diva antics, and apparently, Beyonce, ‘cock slanging’ Knowles is an ever bigger bitch.

‘Beyoncé asked that her dressing room not only be completely baby-proofed but that it be furnished in all white,’ a source revealed to the magazine.

‘She requested a large second room with a massive vanity and stage lighting so that her hair and makeup team could make her look her best’.

‘(She even asked for) all of her food be served on a crisp white tablecloth, and demanded that the temperature remained at a warm 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Queen B also required ‘ Jo Malone candles or comparable grapefruit candles to be on hand.’

Well she isn’t completely out of touch with reality.  Her demands included  ‘two bars of Irish Spring soap’ .  They sell it at the 99Cents Store.


Does Beyonce’s boo boo stink?  Does she have multiple vaginas? Did she know the #govermentShutdown?   Why is Beyonce everyone’s favorite?



Itemised list: While some of the songstress's stipulations were to be expected, including baby-proofing for her 21-month-old baby Blue Ivy, others on the list can only be described as extravagant