Beyonce Jay Z Ditch Kimye And Rihanna – Photos

jay beyonce club reign

Everyone in the homosexual paradise of Atlanta  partied with Beyonce and Jay Z at Club Reign.  The hip hop royal couple dropped $100,000 at the bar for the VIP section.  The stripper addicts balled out, with the Drunk In Love duo.  Dream, Trey Songs, Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri, Timberland, Awall Neverson, Young Jeezy, and more.   Atlanta’s ‘in-crowd’ turned up, but Rihanna, and Kimye were not invited.  We’re just saying…

Photo: last night w/ the big boys

Photo: Somebody tell Timberland I'm up next

Photo: Big bro and I chillin tho!!!! All we do is support each other!! Trigga x Young Panda #AwallShit #WallStreet #Leggo

Did we mention that Beyonce and Jigga reportedly also disrespected the unemployment check cut off by wasting over $6000 on freaky sex toys  recently?  Maybe that’s why Rihanna wasn’t invited.  Now that Beyonce is back, has Rihanna’s ship sailed?  Looks to us as if Jay Z and Queen B no longer need Kimye or Rih Rih’s services.  When Yeezus was riding high off his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy accolades, Jay Z was quick to want to Watch The Throne.  Get it?

Is Jay-Z an opportunist?