#Anti Beyonce Crown Just Got Snatched

If we didn’t know any better, we’d swear Rihanna is coming for Beyonce’s crown.  Her music is hotter, and she has global appeal.  Everyone in the game knows Beyonce is queen, so why is Rihanna using crowns to promote her new Anti album?  Rihanna will hit the road soon, now that the abortion is complete.  Look for Rih’s amazing body, but struggle vocals, in a town near you.

Rihanna ditched Def Jam to start her own label- Westbury Road.  Bitch Better Have My Money was absolutely directed at Roc Nation.  She sucked the right cock, and inked a $25 Million deal with Samsung. The deal would see Rihanna pimping Samsung’s Galaxy products. In turn, Samsung will sponsor the release of Anti and its supporting tour.

Who are you with?  Queen B, or Queen Rih?

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