Bill Cosby Rapist #HisLifeAndTimes

Heathcliff Huxtable was worst than Matt Lauer in his younger years.  We remember him as a funny TV dad.  Mark Whitaker’s biography, Cosby: His Life & Times,  put his ass on blast.  Bill Cosby previously admitted to cheating on his wife.  However, this salacious tale, exposes the showbiz comedian as a womanizing rapist with multiple baby mommas.  Sex, drugs, and lust run rampant in Hollyweird,  Camille Cosby may possess the religion of a nun.  50 years is a very long time to be trapped with a serial cheater.  Or maybe, Mrs. Cosby had her own side-piece to ease the tension.  These hoes ain’t loyal.

Bill Cosby was poking his puddin’ pop in men, women, and animals.  Bill had  access to a life the average nappy headed ninja could only dream of.  Old age is the only thing that stopped the  Philly bred, The Cosby Show, honcho.  Autumn Jackson popped out the closet in 1997, and confessed to being his love child.  Even though Bill admitted smashing Shawn Upshaw, Jackson’s mom, Autumn was silenced with an extortion conviction.  The book claims Billy broke up with his favorite long term thot when he started getting old.  He invited her, and her disapproving mother out to dinner at El Cholo’s.   Although he loved her, and she’d endured 8 abortions (& kept quiet), he dropped her like the Lakers did Dwight Howard.



Is Bill Cosby a rapist?  Andrea Constand  was bribed with millions to keep silent.  She accused the Fat Albert of ‘drugging and sexually assaulting’ her.  We won’t mention the countless baby mommas scattered across the world.  Bye Felicia!