Black Panther Eddie Conway Released From Prison Too

Released after 44 years behind bars in the shooting death of a Baltimore police officer, former Black Panther leader Marshall “Eddie” Conway said in a radio interview Wednesday that he plans to dedicate the next stage of his life to community service.

“The whole time I have been incarcerated I have always been trying to continue to do the positive work that I joined the Black Panther Party to do. And that was to feed children, to help educate people, to help organize the community, to help build a better community,” Conway said during a interview Wednesday with Marc Steiner on WEAA FM.

“I hope people on the other side of that spectrum will recognize the climate of those times and recognize the conditions of those times.”

Conway said that during his trial, the Black Panther Party was being attacked, with many members being jailed. Supporters have said the Black Panthers were being monitored by group of federal and local law enforcement agents whose mission was to “neutralize” organizations deemed subversive.

“My case happened right in the middle of that” climate, Conway said.

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