Blake Shelton Demands Miranda Lambert Get Back Fat

Miranda Lambert will never admit gastric bypass surgery, but it doesn’t take a medical expert.  Lambert snorted over 60 pounds off her waistline.  Blake Shelton is all too unhappy with his wife’s leaner frame, and new found confidence.  Blake spends so much time in Hollyweird parading his influence around eager young talent.  Miranda reclaimed her sexy, but it didn’t stop The Voice red neck’s thirsty flirting.

Blake Shelton has focused all his attention on Christina Aguilera to make Miranda jealous.  Aguiler’s curves have Miranda Lambert’s husband geeking like Lindsay Lohan.  She prayed her slimmer figure would strengthen his wondering eye.  Blake un-apologetically confessed he prefers juicy thick women like his co- star, Christina Aguilera and Selena Gomez.  Shelton feels Miranda has gone too far, and lost way too much weight.  Blake likes his woman like he likes his pork ribs- wet and succulent.

Is Blake Shelton being a mitch?  Will Miranda Lambert eventually make a country twerk video?  Is Miranda’s weight even the real issue?  Or, is Shelton just jealous and insecure?