Blind or Nah? Does Fetty Wap Have 20 20 Vision Now – Video

“Trap Queen” rapper claims he got fake dreads because of  his love for oodles and noodles.

“I love oodles and noodles so much I got motherf*cking dreads like oodles and noodles,” he said. “Yall think this is lace front sh*t? It’s f*cking mines now buddy [laughs].” –

But how can Fetty Wap explain this photo of him with perfect vision?  Is Fetty pulling a Cat Fish?  Hollyweird rumors have circulated that he was involved in a firecracker accident or was shot in his face.   Some say he suffers from glaucoma.  He ditched his fake eye because he “didn’t want to look everybody else.”

Does the eye in the photo look fake to you?  .   How can a prosthetic eye cry?