#BlueBloods Donnie Wahlberg Jenny McCarthy Jealous Tension

11.5 Million weirdos made Blue Bloods the most watched show on TV.  It was also television’s most improved.  Donnie & Mark Wahlberg have insane Hollywood connections.  Blue Bloods is slaying The Amazing Race and Hawaii Five-o.  Jenny McCarthy  hit the lottery when she snagged Donnie.  Although Donnie’s owning the movie industry, he’s insanely jealous of Jenny’s ex.  John Mallory Asher pops his sausage in her mouth at every opportunity.  Not only does Wahlberg notice the D stench on her breath, he feels she wears extra makeup when Asher’s around.

Donnie Wahlberg will be super pissed when he discovers how Jenny pressured producers into allowing her ex- husband to co-host her sloppy SiriusXM show.  McCarthy is always creating excuses to bond with Asher through their kid, Evan Joseph.  Donnie eventually planned to fully adopt Evan, and make him a Wahlberg.  Jenny’s overly explosive flirty side, is disgusting the Wahlberg’s family name.  Whispers claim Donnie has asked Jenny to ‘turn down’.  The blatant disrespect is proving intolerable.