Bob Barker Suicide Mission

Bob Barker hasn’t been the same since Jessie died.  Jessie, his golden retriever, didn’t need ObamaCare  for it’s hip replacement, and physical therapist.  The Price Is Right TV icon is addicted to sadness and seclusion nowadays.  Friends of showbiz legend are pretending to be worried sick.  The Hollyweird heavy hitter is just 90 years young.  He’s been spending his days farting dust, and taking selfies.

He gave the entertainment industry his entire youth.  He can buy anything  in your dreams, but life has left him extremely lonely.  He never bounced back romantically.  He chose super stardom over Dorothy Jo.  She died in 1981.  He battled skin cancer, back spasms, and a prostate operation.  He nearly broke a hip trying to turn up at a LA gun range.


TMZ says it took a bomb squad to make Bob leave the house for fresh air.  Does Bob Barker have anything to live for?  Shouldn’t they invite him to The Tonight Show?  What is Barker doing in that big, lonely, rat infested, mansion?  Will Ryan Seacrest end up just like him?