Bob Dylan Divorce #3

Bob Dylan is pulling a Bruce Jenner.  He’s not growing a ponytail, or wearing hot pink nail polish.  He just bought a house in Divorce Hills.  Darlene Springs ripped through Dylan’s banking account, and now she’s out the door.  The great grandfather, Like A Rolling Stone, needs a 4th wife now.  Darlene treated him just like a trick.  Her Malibu beach house, and Encino mansion weren’t enough.  Springs fell out of love with Bob Dylan.  His $180 million  couldn’t stop the ungrateful seductress from cheating, and scheming.  Dylan is rusting in a cheap motel. Tons of dope, and EBT hookers remind him of the old days.  Meanwhile, Darlene is ho- hopping on first class trips around the world.  She’s blazing through Bob’s money.  They live totally separate lives.  Bob Dylan has secretly  contacted divorce lawyers, but he’s humiliated. Expect the announcement at the end of the tour.