Bobbi Kristina Auntie Says Nick Did It But Will They Pull The Plug

The story of Bobbi’s death has everyone shook.  Nobody cares to be reminded of how the Illuminati wiped Whitney Houston out.  The pre- Grammy party rocked on in Hollyweird’s Beverly Hilton hotel, while Houston’s body decayed in the a suite above.  Krissy’s body was sadly found in similar fashion.  We don’t know if it was dope, suicide, or an overdose.  Auntie Leolah (Bobby Brown’s sister), is certain brusband, Nick Gordon killed her!

‘I saw this coming,’ she told Fox 5 Atlanta. ‘I told her not to trust anyone.’

Leolah Brown is disgusted with Nick.  She blames him for her niece’s downfall, just like Cissy Houston blamed Bobby, for Whitney’s addiction.

‘I have my reasons,’ she said, pitching her family tell- all. ‘There are a lot of family reasons that have that same reason.’

She went on: ‘I believe Nick Gordon will be charged with this… I hope that he will be charged with this as well. Soon. I really do.’

Was Gordon duped into  a fake marriage, or nah?  Aunt Leolah claims Krissy ain’t married!  Apparently she’s not very smart either.  Friends say Bobbi and Nick fought constantly, and used guns and knives as foreplay.

‘This is the man Krissi loved but she was a young girl,’ she said. ‘We stay.’

Maybe Krissy just missed her mom?  Did she OD, on accident?  Or on purpose?

‘Krissi would never do anything to herself,’ she said. ‘She loved life too much. She had too much going on. She had too much ahead of her,’ let Bobby Brown sister tell it.

Whitney Houston thought she could buy real love for her baby.

Will the families agree to pull the plug?

‘No,’ she said, adding: ‘Bobby’s calling the shots.’