Bobbi Kristina Dope Fiend Skinny & Mix Match Shoes For Singing Career ?


We cannot explain why Bobbi Kristina is wearing 2 different shoes.  We can’t explain why she married her step brother, Nick Gorden.  All we know is her new body will make Beyonce feel fat.  While there will never be another Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kriss is plotting on an industry take-over.

A stan wrote, “omg I can’t wait to hear some of your music,” Brown, responded with, “I can’t wait for you all to hear it either ! L O V E.”

Old heads can remember when baby Bobbi grabbed the mic at an award show.  Rumors say this girl is the new truth.  She’s just been embracing stardom, and womanhood.  Krissy isn’t so shy anymore.


“Think about it.. She had 1babygirl, lungs and a GORGEOUS unforgettable voice .. Who do you think ONLY has HER vocal chords.. ?”

“You underestimate what she MADE..”   And don’t forget Bobby Brown is the ultimate showman himself.