Bonus Mom Takeover – Vanessa Paradis Amber Heard Split Over Johnny Depp Kids

LeAnn Rimes isn’t the only overbearing, Hollyweird, step- mom.  Taking a chic’s man is one thing, but mothering another woman’s kids will get your ass whipped.

Johnny Depp’s daughter, acts like she’s sisters with his new wife, Amber Heard.  They’re only a few years apart, so they have plenty in common.  Amber Heard and Lily Rose bond over shopping and music.  Lily’s mom, Vanessa Paradis, is going nuts with jealousy.  While she tries providing calm and normalcy to Lily-Rose, and brother Jack- Amber buys their love.  Heard takes Jack to Disneyland every weekend!

“All Vanessa hears from Lily is ‘Amber this’ and ‘Amber that,'” a friend snitched to National Enquirer.  “Vanessa is seething over how much Lily and Amber have bonded.”

Don’t Forget: Vanessa Paridis and Johnny Depp were together almost 15 years before he fell in love with Heard on the set of Rum Diaries.  The showmance not only ruined their family, it ruined Depp’s reputation as well.  Now the kids are torn between their rotten teeth daddy, Johnny Depp in ‘Hell-A’, and their boring, has-been, mom in France.

Vanessa complains the kids, “like Hollywood too much.”

“Amber constantly takes Lily shopping and Jack to Disneyland, and Vanessa’s finding it hard to compete,” revealed the snitch.

“Vanessa tries her best to get along with Amber for the kids’ sake, but it’s hard for her to see them get so close to someone else.”

Is this a disaster waiting to happen?  Will Vanessa Paradis and Amber Heard eventually fight over how to raise the kids?