Brad Falchuk Sends Gwyneth Paltrow Crawling Back To Chris Martin

Uber’s founder, Travis Kalanick, gave the snobby blonde nothing but hard cock and bubble gum. Gwyneth Paltrow rebounded quickly with Brad Falchuk.  Chris Martin was withered with constantly kissing ass, and pretending to be perfect for showbiz.  Before the ink was dry on divorce papers, Gwyneth bullied Suzanne Bukinik for her husband.  Brad and Paltrow were married when they met like LeAnn and Eddie.  They ditched their spouses after the secret,luxurious, smash spot in  Utah was exposed.

Suzanne Bukinik and Chris Martin were left heartbroken, and devastated.  Meanwhile… Gwyneth, and Brad took a sexy vacation to Italy, just to numb the embarrassment of Martin’s fling with Jennifer Lawrence.  Paltrow made certain paparazzi spotted them kissing, massaging, and flaunting their vegan bodies.  Brad is a television producer, who drinks Gwyn’s bath water.  They met on Glee’s set in 2010, and some suggest they’ve been forking since.

We’re unsure what happened, but most likely a sexually transmitted disease.  Word around town claims Brad Falchuk broke it off with Paltrow.  Her rebound ho-mance hit the rocks, and her kids are happier than ever!  The clean lifestyle demands, and strict dieting, nearly drove Brad insane.  Even private plane trips to Italy’s swanky Amalfi coast won’t erase Gwyneth Paltrow’s weird persona.  Brad sent Paltrow’s hassling, negativity back to her ex-husband,Chris.

Are Chris and Paltrow swingers now?  Who will win this war against love?  Are they still together for the kids’ sake?  Is Gwyn just reconciling with Chris because she cannot find a fool more naive? DailyMail Reports:

Their divorce was finalised in April – but I’m told Gwyneth and Chris, 38, are ‘closer than ever’, and she is moving back into the Belsize Park family home in September.
A friend says Chris and Gwyneth want their children to attend independent Highgate School, adding: ‘It’s about the kids getting the best education and being happy and that means being in London.
‘They still get along well. The house is big enough to live separate lives.’