Brandi Glanville Marc Anthony Hook Up

Eddie Cibrian overpaid alimony.  LeAnn Rimes has starved her way to a perfect body, but we’re clearly more interested in Brandi Glanville.  Everyone assumes Rimes is responsible for destroying their marriage, but we have the truth.  

Glanville had the worst spending habits as a wife, and Z- Lister when married to Cibrian.  According to Radar, court records prove her monthly spending habits at $40,000, including a $3,000 stipend for clothes and $4,000 for eating out and socializing! Although she wears designer labels, Glanville recently told FOX she was dead broke.  She admitted not owning a home, and her kids go to public school.  Obviously, the $40, 000 was used to try Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Sure Brandi’s tall and beautiful, but neither her nor Cibrian could afford to maintain the rich, Beverly Hills lifestyle…TOGETHER.  Since Eddie has landed his meal ticket out of poverty, we have the perfect guy for Brandi Glanville to even the score.

Marc Anthony is back on the market.  He’s a gold digger’s dream.  Brandi’s model looks and Compton fillers will erase Anthony’s sunken eyes.  Plus, Hollyweird insiders have exclusively confirmed he’s worth over $20 million.  What do you think?