Brandi Glanville Still Smashing Darin Harvey

Brandi Glanville complains that she doesn’t have enough cash, and a stable home for her kids.  It’s because she’s wasting time forking Darin Harvey.  They claim they’re just friends, but Brandi refuses to date anyone else.  A drunken night in Vegas led to her blowing his cock, and marrying him.  The marriage was annulled, but that didn’t stop the secret booty buddies.  Brandi loves Darin. The problem is, he’s broke and not in the showbiz industry.

Happy ex-couple: Brandi Glanville goes to lunch with best friend and former husband Darin Harvey

Darin is the manager of a small mixed martial arts studio.  He can’t provide Glanville with the designer handbags, and shoes, she’s accustomed to.  He definitely can’t afford to purchase a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills home, or even rent one.  Brandi’s frequent Botox, and fillers aren’t cheap either.  Brandi Glanville is torn between love, and money.  All her friends suggest she should hold out for a Hollyweird big wig, but Darin’s sex is spectacular.  Glanville is so pistol whipped, she’s introduced her kids to Darin Harvey.  They call him ‘uncle’.  How creepy?