Brandy Ain’t On the A-List But She Ain’t Sacrifice Her Dad & Child So It’s Cool

Brandy is still in this Hollyweird shuffle.  She didn’t sell her soul either.  Brandy has a very strong relationship with both parents.  Her daughter is growing healthy, and happy behind Tinseltown’s viscous rehab rotation.  Unlike the Jenners, we’ve never seen Brandy’s cootie cat, and titts.  She hasn’t reduced herself to unnecessary plastic surgery, or started endorsing crazy product brands for bird seed.  It’s difficult to maintain a spot in showbiz without selling your soul like Rihanna.  Brandy’s vocals are still crisp as a Santa Monica breeze, but Hollywood wants to distract you with prepubescents like Ariana Grande.  Don’t be duped, and don’t hate.  Brandy is the truth. -4everbrandy