Alexis Roderick Billy Joel Showmance Finale

Alexis Roderick is THIS close to twerking her way onto a reality series.  She’s disgusted with all Kim Kardashian’s fame, and admiration.  Billy Joel may be Madison Square Garden’s prince, but his bed sheets are Robin Williams.  The Piano Man gave his young thottie a gorgeous engagement ring.  The diamond is worth more than Neverland Ranch.  Insiders claim he doesn’t EVER intend on marrying her.  Her weight gain is definitely a deciding factor.  5 years of massaging Billy’s dusty balls was a waste.  Billy Joel didn’t officially call off the engagement-  like Charlie Sheen. Billy is dedicated to sucking those young titties, and porking Roderick’s young meat, until she figures it out.  It’s not that he doesn’t love Alexis new fat booty.  Billy has been divorced 3 times already.  He knows these hoes ain’t loyal.  Roderick is rightfully stir crazy.  How much longer can she eat fancy foods, and do coke all day?  NYC is bracing for a cruel winter.  Who wants to be stuck in a cold hotel room aging aggressively?