British Official says Britain should LET jihadis join Islamic State

Isis is recruiting young people from around the globe. A member of the US military threatened gay club-goers in San Diego. Islamic extremest are particularly interested in acquiring young white females, with blond hair and blue eyes. Reports claim the beheading  terrorist groups are growing like wild fires. Do you suspect any of your Muslim friends or neighbors are down with the cause?

LABOUR MP Frank Field has been branded irresponsible after claiming British jihadis should be allowed to join Islamic State in Syria because if they are killed it will boost the UK’s security.

The former minister said he is not worried “one iota” about extremists fighting for the depraved death cult and encouraged them to “go and practise evil”.

He said: “I think we should have no worries about letting them go because the chances are some of them will get killed and that increases the security of this country.